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""True count to 10", but it was never enough for me. I know I'm a person who lives structured, I'm disciplined, I love to train, love to get better and then I'm temperamental, very temperamental. It has served me well over the years, but it has also given me some hard experiences. I have learned to handle my temper, so it is not my weakness but now my strength. That is why I have collaborated with Henrik for a few years on the mental side, which also supports me in being the best version of me."

Sanne Troelsgaard/ FC Rosengård


As a mental coach, I help you learn faster, improve your mental resources and not least to perform better and constantly under pressure - both in training, but especially in combat situations.



Mental training is the part of sports psychology that concentrates on helping athletes break down the mental barriers that prevent them from performing at their highest level. Unfortunately, many athletes opt out of mental training because they don't understand how it can help them.



In order for you as an athlete to get the most out of your sport, it is important that you also understand the value of improving the mental part and that you train it as you also train your physique and technique. Most athletes will thus benefit from a mental coach who can assist with practical exercises and advise and coach to achieve top results.


Mental training removes many of the barriers that keep you from your peak performance.These can be barriers such as:

  • High expectations or expectation pressure

  • Perfectionism

  • The fear of failing

  • Lack of emotional control

  • Lack of presence in the present


As an athlete, you can break down these barriers through the mental training that aims to improve your self-confidence,selfworth, focus, confidence and mental preparation.


At HH Mentality, we have extensive experience in working with athletes in many sports.Contact us here for more information.


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