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See which foreign and Danish clubs have had players undergo a mental course at HH Mentality. Here you can also read what some of the athletes have gained from working with mental training in HH Mentality.

Mental processes with players in:

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Statements from practitioners:

Gustav Isaksen

FC Midtjylland

Gustav Isaksen

Nikolai Futte Baden

Juventus, Vitesse

Kasper Junker

Urawa Red Diamonds

Kasper Junker - Urawa Red Diamonds

Isabella Schultz

Danish & Nordic champion

Isabella Schultz

Cecilie Moe Weinreich

Kayak polo player, RotheMühle Essen

cecilie moe weinreich


Gustav Isaksen

It's just great and educational. The head and the mental are at least in place for me.



FC Midtjylland

When you're chasing the big breakthrough, it's nice to have someone to share your everyday life, ambitions and decisions with. I got that in Henrik. I think that already within the first year we have created a development in all three areas.



Juventus, Vitesse

Success is achieved by working hard, sacrificing a lot and always striving for more. But I have also found that you are never alone in creating your success. Working with Henrik gives me support, security, mental clarity and tools to develop myself and dream even bigger. My success is our success.




Sanne Troelsgaard

"True count to 10" but that was never enough for me. I know I am a person who lives structured, I am disciplined, I love to train, love to get better and then I am temperamental, very temperamental. It has served me well over the years, but it has also given me some hard experiences. I have learned to manage my temper so it is not my weakness but now my strength. therefore, for a few years I have collaborated with Henrik on the mental side, who also supports me in being the best version of me.



FC Rosengård

Kasper Junker - Urawa Red Diamonds

As a professional footballer, you need someone to turn things around with. It is for me both when things are going well, but also when things are not going so well. If you, as a player, are sitting on the bench, injured or not performing, you must find a way to move on quickly. For the past several years, I have used Henrik for that. When things go well on the pitch, it's also nice to be able to target the future with someone, so I have something to work towards.



Urawa Red Diamonds

Oliver Jeppe

When everything goes well, Henrik has always been good at helping me develop myself to reach new levels. At the same time, in less good periods, we have together found tools to get back on track. It's also good to have a place to vent your thoughts that is away from the club and everything else.




Marcus Gudmann

I took hold of Henrik in the autumn, when I was in my most difficult time in both my football career and life. I had reached a point where I really felt like I needed help after everything I had gone through/going through at my new club. I quickly felt that my and Henrik's bond became close and trustworthy. It was really crucial for me to have someone to reverse some of the things/problems I was going through. Slowly we got me back on track and continue to work on my development. For me, the mental aspect in football is very crucial in terms of becoming the best possible, and I am therefore insanely happy about my collaboration with Henrik!



Esbjerg fb

Tobias Mølgaard

In a world where things often go really fast, it's nice to have someone with whom you can share all your thoughts, frustrations and successes. During our conversations, I feel that I become wiser about myself when I get to put into words what things I experience on the field and how they affect me. I have gained a lot of good mental tools that I use every single day on the football pitch.



Vejle Football Club

Kem Ljungquist

After struggling in and around the boxing ring for an extended period of time, I came across HH Mentality. From our first conversation, Henrik made a big impression on me and helped me to improve my mentality both as a sportsman and just as importantly as a person. He was always good at reaching out when I didn't have the energy to do it myself. A real pleasure and garden in the 'ring corner'.




Japhet Sery Larsen

Soccer is much more than just kicking a ball. Henrik has given me various and good tools which have given me mental resilience and sharpened my focus on and off the field. In addition, I have become more confident. Henrik has supported and pushed me with good mental exercises, questions and inputs.



Bodø Glimpse

Noah Madsen

With a goal to become the best possible soccer player I can be, my mental skills play a vital role! In collaboration with Henrik, we work on getting the mindset of a fellow player rather than an opponent!




Isabella Schultz

I have always been an incredible perfectionist, especially in sports, which has helped my development and taken me far. But it has also been one of my weaknesses that I have had problems with for a long time, as my emotions can often take over. I have always tried to fight my negative thoughts and feelings, but Henrik has taught me that they should not be fought, but that it is about accepting them and finding out how to perform at your best even when there is both pressure and nervousness. In addition, it is nice to have someone like Henrik who is always ready to help and who always wants the best for me.



Danish & Nordic champion

Mentality is one of my strengths as a footballer. To be able to go deeper with myself, learn how I deal with adversity and become wiser about myself. Mental training is therefore important to me in a team sports world and that is why Henrik and I are of course still working on mental training at the age of 27.



Young Boys

Søren Hald

As a badminton player, it is fantastic to have a sports psychologist who has been on the court himself and had the challenges that I myself have on the court. In addition, it is clear that Henrik has a strong professional background and is good at conveying it in a language and in a way that is easy to practice and/or reflect on. It was the best decision I made at the beginning of 2019 to start with mental training.



Badminton player

Frederik Brandhof

For me, as a professional footballer, I have at times needed to clear my head, come out with some frustrations or have some things turned around both on and off the pitch. For this, I have used Henrik, who has been an important piece after my change to AGF, so that I have been able to perform from day one. For me it was important to talk to someone other than family, wife, friends or agent about the things that happen when you have to perform every single day.




christian farstad

As an elite kayaker, I can definitely recommend a course with Henrik. He is a really good and professional mental coach who has taught me to accept negative feelings and thoughts and still be able to perform in competitions. In addition, we have also worked with some really good methods, so that I can be calm when I have to perform, and that really applies.



Kayaking, national team rowing

Njoma Zogaj

I've always had big ambitions with handball, and when things didn't go well, I was often too hard on myself and others. In 2017, I suffered a serious nerve injury and was declared a handball invalid by doctors. I was not ready to give up on my dream and therefore contacted HH Mentality, who supported me and guided me in an otherwise emotional time, which strengthened my psyche absolutely insane. What I have been most happy about is having learned to be aware of how important a part of sport the mental aspect is, and to have learned to accept the situation I find myself in and the emotions that may come with it - both on and outside the field. With a lot of help from HH Mentality, I fought my way back onto the field.



Aalborg DH

I have never before worked with the mental aspect of football, and thought that - as a striker - played a significant role in good and less good periods. That's why I started courses with Henrik, to work on how I can become better at acting and reacting, based on the thoughts/feelings that arise while I play. All with the goal of becoming mentally stronger and a more complete soccer player.



Liverpool Football Club

Emma Holmskov - B93

The mental aspect is for many athletes a huge challenge, and it has been for me as well. Through the process with Henrik, I have learned a lot about handling pressure and how to optimize your performance in sport through mental training. It has helped me understand what makes me a better practitioner and how I can handle mental challenges in the future.




Rezan Corlu - Lyngby

I have worked with HH mentality and have been very satisfied with my progress. The mental part of football plays a big role over time and if you can get some percentages and optimization on that part, it helps to create a better prerequisite for your performance.  The tools can have to get help from Henrik.



 During the time I have had with Henrik, he has helped me stand up for myself in a difficult environment down in Italy. We have had our long conversations, where he is good at listening and giving tools for the next training sessions and matches. He has made me self-aware of what develops me mentally and football-wise.



Magnus Munck - FC Nordsjælland

A big part of becoming a football player is that you have your head in it. Without it, it is difficult to reach the final destination of your dream. Henrik has helped me a lot in the short time that I have been working with him. Henrik gives me mental support and clear tools for how I can improve myself mentally in everyday life both on and off the pitch.


FC Nordsjælland

Oliver Marloth - Esbjerg Ishockey

Really an efficient process. With a professional approach to everything. I went from almost giving up my sport to performing like never before with the help of Henrik.


Esbjerg Ice Hockey

sofie bredgaard

The mental aspect has always filled me a lot as a footballer, where everything has not been easy, due to incredibly high expectations of myself. With Henrik as a mental coach, I have someone who always wants the best for me. No matter what, I can share all thoughts and I know he is there for me in good times and bad.



Linköbing FC

cecilie moe weinreich

I have always wanted to be the best in my sport, and even though I was only a child, I fought purposefully in training to win the individual duel in front of me. It was the fighter spirit that paved the way for my 16-year career in kayak polo. But it also gave me a temper when things didn't go as they should. I have shouted and screamed at players, referees and even left the field once. My brain made me a worse player at times, and it made me realize that the many hours of physical training would never fully optimize my performance. That is why I chose to collaborate with Henrik, and I have already developed both as a player and as a person. I am fully convinced that you cannot become the best version of yourself without also training the mental.


Kayak polo player, Rothe Mühle Essen

bastian blaafalk

After a long period with many ups and downs, I finally found Henrik. Mega talented and skilled mental coach, I can really feel how his guidance and advice helped me enormously, in the way of the WC and Junior WC this year. Huge Huge thanks Henrik, Can definitely recommend and seek help from here!!



Alpine skier

noor alwan

After a disappointing Thai boxing match, where I had underperformed greatly, I decided to begin a course with Henrik. We have worked a lot on my game plan - Henrik has taught me to keep my head down, to push myself far beyond my comfort zone and to perform when it matters. Henrik was with every single step on the way towards my fight, I could always contact him, regardless of whether it was training, study or the diet that fell through. I won my last match big, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Henrik.



Danish champion and Nordic champion Thai boxer

niels-christian sillassen

For me, it's about being ready to perform at my best, regardless of whether I'm in a good or bad period. I see using a sports psychologist a bit like going to the dentist. Either you go to the dentist when the damage has occurred or you do it in time. I do the same with Henrik. It's not only when I feel like it's sailing, but mostly before big events and to make sure I'm ready to perform.



Nordwind, Heroic, Sprout

brian ankersen

As a handball player and a person, I try to chase eternal development - I am driven by it! When you play handball in the Balkans, many things are different and a challenge, you can quickly dig yourself into a hole and be frustrated - in collaboration with Henrik, I have pushed many mental boundaries and managed to be proactive and have a developing mindset despite "difficult" surroundings. Working with Henrik has undoubtedly made me a mentally stronger player - I would go so far as to say, not just a better player, but a better person.



Handball player RK Lovcen

nick barnø

As a professional fighter, my mental approach to training and fighting is one of the most important factors, with Henrik as a coach, my mental state has improved and work continues between my fights.



Professional MMA fighter

Football is a mental sport. If you don't know yourself, you won't get better. In my professional career, I learned, together with Henrik, to handle negative situations and be a better version of myself on AND off the field. ​



Lille OSC, Dundee United, Valur, FC Nordsjælland

bertram hansen

On the ice, many things happen that can get you into the red zone, and it happened quite often to me. I have that and other good mental exercises, e.g. have worked with together with Henrik.



Herning IK

patrick hedegård

After a difficult period on and off it became more difficult for me to be present and enjoy playing football. When after some time it only got worse on the pitch, it ended with a relapse in the form of performance anxiety. We decided to take hold of Henrik and initiate work to get me back on the field and we succeeded after 3-4 weeks. Here, two years later, it's hard to remember how far down I was back then, since to this day we're actually just working on how I can play better and develop. There have been setbacks along the way since I came back, but I have been strong enough to face it and know how to deal with it!



Kolding IF

simon trier

I've really benefited from my mental process, which I started at a time when things in my career weren't going great. In the first six months, when I had Henrik as Mental Trainer, I went through some very difficult things, where it was absolutely essential that we could get a handle on it all together. I can feel that mentally, so far, I have gone through a wild development, where I have moved from being a bit fragile to being more hardy, which has helped to make my switch to Kolding IF bare fruit. All in all, I couldn't imagine how I would have gotten through the mental challenges I've faced without Henrik.



Kolding IF

Mikkel Juhl Andersen

When chasing the football dream, it is not always as motivating when things do not go according to your head. HH Mentality has helped me to write down what the focus should be on, where I can develop and where I am already strong. In a really competitive football world, he has helped me use every practice to get a little better. And one step closer to my goals.




Valdemar Ibsen

As a footballer, it is extremely important to have someone to turn things around with. I have greatly benefited from my course with HH Mentality so far. It has helped me through a period of ups and downs, as well as helping to create the best version of myself. I always try to be the best, and the mental training helps me with this!




Philip Rubin

I have a big focus on the physical part of my sport, but wanted to add another layer with the mental part. Here I took hold of the HH Mentality and it has contributed to a greater focus - both on and off the ice. Throughout the process, I have worked with strategies and tools which have made me feel that my performance under pressure has improved, which also applies to the decisions I make during a match. ​



Esbjerg ice hockey

Louis Harald Peña Christoffersen

With the mental aspect, as well as good guidance and someone you can share your ups and downs with, in collaboration with HH Mentality, I have progressed on many points here over 2 years. Looking inward, evaluating and then improving is something you can use for everything in life, especially football. Here, we have a constant focus on actively entering into and initiating development. It's great to be able to work on yourself and feel like a better version of yourself after each interview. ​



Brøndby IF

Robert Marcus

For me, playing with confidence is important. HH Mentality has been really good at helping with just that. It's always nice to have someone who can explain what's going on in my head. But also having someone to talk to. He knows the situations, the feelings, can guide and knows something about "it". It's also great to have Henrik, in addition to your parents, to talk to about your sport.




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