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In the sports psychology work, my focus is on why and how the athlete can perform at his peak. Here, the practitioner and I work closely together with the challenges and disturbances they experience. The purpose of the course is to create mental strength, autonomy and mental flexibility in the practitioner.


My courses are tailored to the exact needs of the individual practitioner - there is no standard solution for mental training. Everyone is an individual, and what works for one may not work for another.


I have my theoretical background in the world of sports psychology from my master's degree in sports psychology at the University of Copenhagen as well as external studies and courses in Denmark, the USA and at FC Barcelona's sports psychology academy. I have built up my experience background through the more than +1000 hours of sessions with elite practitioners. Added to this is my own time as a professional practitioner.

Henrik Hjarsbæk HH Mentality


Owner, Mental Trainer and

sports psychology consultant

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